I am a young vibrant reader.

I am highly intuitive & have been from a young age. I would say I am 3rd maybe even 4th generation although sadly my mother & grandmother didn't practise their spiritual gifts as I have done so didn't cultivate them in the time they've had.

I have all the Clairs, I connect with spirit (Mediumship) but my favourite would be the healing I am capable of.

With my gifts I love to provide guidance, heal heartbreaks, deliver messages from those past on & clear away negative energy or blocks in your life.

I am well practised & have done so commitedly for just over 5years now. I've attended many self-development courses & classes in the hope to really know & understand my full potential.

In saying this my passion really is to help others with whatever gifts I can.

I live on theory 'Do it Only if you Love it' which is exactly why I am here.

I believe the world is changing & I know it starts with ourselves & our thinking. I am a one of them myself. The journey is never lonely yet we walk on our own two feet.

If there is any legacy I could leave behind me it is to each & every individual on earth we are all one & the same. Made with love in the eyes of love & Love itself can see us through.

If you have read this far I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! If you take anything from reading this please know from me to you... You are loved ❤

I could go on & on about myself but I am a big believer on what you feel. If you feel I am the reader for you then let's connect!

Here are my websites to connect directly with me on both Facebook & Instagram feel free to check me out






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Hi Amba, thank you so much for your reading. Was very impressed with all the information you provided. Will truly do my best to follow what you think is the best for me. :))

Suni Albert about listing Financial Services Reading 6 months ago.

I'm no stranger to psychic readings, and I can say with confidence that Amba is the real deal. What an astonishing medium she is, and completely accurate in assessing situations around you. My "Connection to a loved ones passed on" reading, blew me away. She picks up on the way your loved one speaks, their

characteristics..everything. Not only this, Amba gives all the details. Readings are so in depth. Amba also goes the extra mile to help you solve any issues. She really is a true gem. Absolutely thrilled and extremely grateful. I was in need of a true medium at this time, and I am blessed to have found you.... Thank you Amba!! All my love, K xx

Kat Tan about listing Connect with loved one's passed on 8 months ago.