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  • choose from the widest range of psychics from all over the world
  • contact any psychic directly with the "contact" button on any listing
  • full customer support from team for purchases here


  • be listed in the official registry of psychics
  • free to register as a psychic and create listings
  • both local and international customers can find you
  • even include website links and contact details in listings
  • a 7% fee only if clients choose to use to pay you


1. click on "Sign up" at the top right at to create your user profile
2. click button "+Add your new listing" at the top right to make your first classified advert
3. click on "settings" then "payments" to receive money from to your paypal


1. Why U.S. Currency?
So people anywhere in the world can best compare the $ in each listing relative to their own currency.

2. Can I put a direct link in my listing to my website?
Yes, or facebook etc.   You can include all your direct contact details like your phone numbers.

3. Why does setting up paypal ask for my own payment method?
You won't be charged anything until a customer uses to pay you. receives a 7% fee each time a customer chooses to pay you directly here on instead of paying at your website.

4. Can I use your World Psychic Organization logo?
No, please email us to ask about the annual license fee to use our logo.  Please don't use the words "World Psychic Organization" in your marketing.  You can use "" instead.   

5. Do I need to connect paypal to my listings?
We publish your listing even if you don't connect paypal to it.  However the "Recommended" button on the top menu will display only paypal listings.   Customers may prefer it when your paypal is connected.