Psychic Life Coaching

Early age Psychic that embraced her abilities at the age of 3 years old after a domestic accident that led her to a near death experience that she came back from...which is more, not alone - her abilities accompany her ever since.

"Somehow I've always been a Psychic, I just didn't know how to call myself until later in my early adult life years, while working as a Life Coach, which I did for many years, and I realized I'd give way more insight to my clients than any regular Life Coach would, hence my clients astonishment every so often attempting to make a joke and saying “Are you Psychic or what?”… it would often make me smile but in the meantime I was ashamed to admit how I'd know the exact directions ... eventually I got tired to hide my skills and decided I'd be honest with myself first of all... it felt as a relief, so I admitted that I had a particular sensorial and intuitive approach to most matters in life, provided I'd be reasonably connected to the clients case."


Intuitive Life Coaching, initially with meetings/appointments in person for about 7 years while I was living in France, hence my efficiency in French as well.

Afterwards I started to travel for about 4 years, living partly between Los Angeles, Miami, New York, every so often back in France, Italy (yes, I am fluent in Italian too), UK...

I'm a traveler at heart and I love to have the freedom to perform my work and help those who need me, remotely from anywhere in the world, hence my decision to focus more on the online appointments (Phone, Skype, FaceTime, e-mail).

Looking forward to helping you too.

P.S.: Your Introduction has an utmost importance: Relationship status: single, on & off relationship, married, separated, divorced, children.

Clear introduction = Clear Insight

A Psychic feels things beyond your understanding to some extent, nevertheless, for some specific situations NO Psychic could claim to be able to tell you what to do for a simple reason - there’re always several sides to 1 story as well as your Free Will.

You MUST be able to make your own choices.

The only Master of your life will always be YOU.

A Psychic will only Guide you and Advise you according to your current reality...thus, you will be given options to better your situation, options that you may choose to follow or not. Entirely up to you.

My absolute method to achieve quicker insight is somewhat particular, I use the numbers in the birthdays of the concerned people when pulling your cards.

It never fails me.

When further clarity needed, I make use of my Automatic Handwriting ability as well as my Pendulum for inquired Timeframes.

Do remember that I only work with the help of my light hearted Spiritual Guides.

Type: psychic or clairvoyant
Psychic's Location: U.S.A.

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