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"Whether it be a Blessing or a Lesson, Life is All about Growing...The trick is to bare with the storms, eventually it will all make sens.” ~Harmony Eleven

Harmony’s Experience:

Harmony has been psychic since her early years. She embraced her abilities at the age of 3 years old after a domestic accident that led her to a "Near Death Experience". It wasn't yet her Time. Her abilities accompany her ever since.

Harmony is also an experienced Life Coach. She’s performed face to face Life Coaching sessions from 2007 to 2014 in France and has been incorporating her psychic and clairvoyant abilities into her sessions. She is fluent in French, Italian and English. From summer 2014 she did a lot of traveling, living in many places including Los Angeles, Miami, and New York, and traveling every so often back to France, Italy, the UK, and China.

“I am a Traveler at heart and I love to have the freedom to perform my work remotely from anywhere in the world, hence my decision to focus onwards more on the online appointments.”

Communication options:

Harmony offers sessions through Phone, Skype, E-mail, Chat, and SMS. Some are Live Services and others are to be booked in advance. Each of them come with their own advantages. Sessions can also be offered in French, English or Italian. 

Booking a Session:

When booking a session with Harmony, how you introduce yourself is important. Please include the following:

Your relationship status:   Single, On & Off, Married, Separated, Divorced, Children

Ask precise questions followed by the Reason of your Doubts.

Provide your birthday and first name as well as the birthday of any individual involved (if you happen to have that information)

Remember: A Clear introduction = Clear Insight

What to Expect from a Psychic Reading with Harmony:

Realistic answers! From every reading with Harmony, expect to receive Truth, Advise & Honest Guidance that won't necessarily comfort the ego nor any illusory expectations. Harmony will help you see more clearly within your current situation and help you take action towards a better spiritual and/or physical outcome. Ultimately, however, whatever decisions you make or path you take, it will always be your choice, up to you, and only you!

Harmony’s Expertise: 

-Foreseeing the Right Choices for people that find themselves in a troubling decisive period of time, whether it be choices between love partners, business partners and even geographical choices.

-Using Oracle Cards (similar to tarots) as a starting point within a session. This helps her open to receiving insight from her Spiritual Guides and thus correctly interpret it for you.

-Using a Pendulum to predict the right answers concerning Time Frames and questions regarding Past or Present Time (e.g. Yes/No).

-Using Automatic Writing to retrieve important information for the ones in need to hear it.

-Connecting with Children. She can communicate with difficult children or advise you on how to calm them down.

-Relationship Readings. Her experience as a Life Coach contributes to her clear-vision and intuition regarding the relationship realm and dynamics. She's helped many couples move forward together when there was LOVE and WILL to stay together still. Other times, she's helped people move on from a relationship while remaining on good terms. 

-Readings revolving around the Business Domain. This is an area that Harmony is most skillful at. She has the ability to feel traits of her client's business partners. This helps her read in a way that best serves defending her clients interests. 


To Be Noted

-There is no such thing like having answers to everything.

-Harmony does not encourage addiction to Psychic Readings.

-Every reading needs time to show its full potential.

-Life is meant to be fully lived in order to earn in wisdom.

In this theme, when you approach Harmony for a reading, try not to repeatedly ask the same question because over time, the outcome of your initial reading will hardly make any sense. Instead, allow the Universe to work its ways to you. Asking the same questions will turn out to increase your anxiety and stress levels as well as depleting your finances. Also, you need to accept that Patience is part of the process in any reading.

Meanwhile feel free to live your life and make your own choices. If it leads to a mistake, so be it. Mistakes are nothing more than experiences that can be learned from. When you look back upon them, they may even be some of your best memories.

I look forward to helping you through your journey.

Harmony’s Past Predictions

Harmony predicted the terrorist attack in 2016 on the French Riviera just 4 weeks before it happened.

In 2013 Harmony had premonitory dreams of rare tornadoes in the South of France.

In December 2012 Harmony dreamed of the 2nd tsunami in Japan just 10 days before it happened.

During the summer of 2010, Harmony had premonitory dreams about the discovery of 2 little planets the appeared on the Yahoo feed of News next day, same time she could also predict other natural catastrophes in Australia.

Along the years, she's warned worldwide business people from failure according to what she felt about their business partners although she's never met those people before. She could help with Names, Time Frames, Travel information as well as Partnerships and Investments. Her spiritual guides gave her the vision and understanding in order to prevent those people from losing lots of money in different fields and industries.

She has received accurate clairaudience regarding baby names and gender before everything was known. 

She has received clairaudience about specific names of people supposed to be of help to her entourage or specific clients.

She has received premonitory dreams preventing people from being misled about pregnancies etc.

She has had telepathy experience when very connected to someone's soul. Hence, the reason she requires you to be truthful to her in order to allow her to help you accurately.

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