Ask Sharifah

Sharifah Hardie, also known as Ask Sharifah, is a business consultant, psychic, tarot teacher and spiritual advisor. She has over 20 years of experience working with clients in the areas of business and spirituality.

Sharifah is understanding and easy to talk to. Due to her varied life experiences she can provide practical, non-judgmental help on just about any subject. Because Sharifah is well rounded she is not limited to one area of expertise. She can help with marketing, public relations and media, along with intuitive readings and teaching tarot. As a result she is able to assist her clients with their career, love, finances and many other topics.

Sharifah’s grandmother was psychic, along with Sharifah’s mother who also gives readings for people. Sharifah helps her clients make immediate changes in their lives and create a positive future. She has also helped to raise millions of dollars for her clients. She uses her gifts, skills & abilities to help her clients succeed in life. Rather than facing the unknown alone contact Sharifah today! Do not Wait!

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