World Renowned New Orleans Psychic Readings and Divination

Do you want to just talk about it or Are you really ready to DO something about it? Psychics can predict but Hoodoo and Obeah get results! Please, do not be fooled by any imitators!

Maybe you have only one chance to get this right. I am the Authentic Hoodoo Obeah High Priest; Don't be fooled by any imitators! Psychics can predict, Hoodoo gets results! Known the World Over for having POWERFUL RESULTS in Love and Relationships by spiritual experts and clients alike. Divine Love Joy and Happiness!

Please know and understand that souls do not generally enter this life cycle in pairs but in soul-families or groups.

Everyone that you make contact with along your life journey, known and unknown are affected and influenced by each an every one of us.

Expand your consciousness and your understanding of Love and it will ALWAYS come back to you. But know that Love has many levels and many dimensions and people come to us sometimes to teach us and help us to better understand ourselves and much higher octaves and spiritual lessons.

I can help in all areas of love and relationships, soul mate units, couples and families.

There are many areas today where people are seeking assistance in love and relationship that are not specific to just that; unfortunately there is stress, financial issues, health and wellness issues and most unfortunate child abuse and neglect and domestic abuse in various forms.

Often these darker and grayer areas will speak to me directly during the course of a consultation where the client may be focusing on another area of the relationship.

I can assist in these matters of spiritual import with years of working experience and some personal experience.

But please understand these things will not be hidden from me so I humbly ask that you be prepared for a honest, pure and direct empowering energy to be present when we connect in that area.

Clients and Expert Spiritualist have both said I have appeared in dreams in various form to project a Divine Message when they otherwise may not have been prepared to hear me.

I operate only within the realms of Divine Light and Absolute Positivity.

I am the Authentic Hoodoo Obeah High Priest; Don't be fooled by any imitators! Now let me help; I specialize in Results!

I have studied Pan-African history, cultures and religions at the university level. I also received National Professional Certification in Customer Service in the early summer before Hurricane Katrina through the National Research Foundation, June 2005 in New Orleans, Louisiana. I have served as Minister of Music and a Gospel singer and pianist since early childhood and have been affiliated with a diverse range of religious Paths and Traditions in my nearly half a century incarnation with Mother Earth.

I am humbly here to assist you in any endeavor. The value of my work is in its effectiveness and ability to gain positive, long-lasting results. Do you want to just talk about it OR are you really ready to do something about it your circumstance?? Psychics can predict but Hoodoo and Obeah get results!!!

*Please understand, NOT everyone will be happy with what Divine Spirit and the Guides may say through The Divine Prince from the Spirit Realms.

~It is part of the equation for any true spiritual reader.

*Spirit will often reveal information which maybe hidden, what one may be in denial of and what is important, crucial and pertinent.

*Not everyone is at the same point of growth along his or her spiritual journey, not everyone is ready to hear the Truth, not everyone is ready to move beyond co-dependency and abusive relationships and not everyone is ready for spiritual liberation from self-defeating behavior or thinking.

*Not everyone is ready to fully understand and comply with the Divine Law of Mirrors and to confront that very thing, from within which maybe impeding personal, financial, career and business progress.

~However, if you are, you have come to the right place.

I Live, Work and Reside in New Orleans, Louisiana. My Deities are being 'Worked and Fed' on a daily bases. Once again, my first priority is to see and assist people to grow and evolve spiritually and I can and will help you in any way that I can to regain and evolve your own personal power and Divine Connection. I am truly here for you. Divine Will Be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Divine Peace and Blessings, Love, Joy and Tranquility!!

~The Divine Prince

Please, do not be fooled by any imitators! I am a Divinely Gifted and Highly favored Hoodoo/Voodoo Obeah-Bokor High Priest. I am a Master Spiritual Light Worker and I will utilize my training and Divine gifts in Crystal Work, Spiritual and Physical Cleansing and Balancing, Life Path Work, Manifesting, Orisha Work, and Mississippi Delta Hoodoo to help you see a clear direction in your life and to remove blocks to your progress.


Type: empath
Psychic's Location: U.S.A.

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