Generational Clearing

Have you ever felt like there was an event that happened to you, yet at some level you know it wasn't you. With generational clearing we are able to find out what your ancestor is trying to tell you. Perhaps just telling their story to you, to help you learn from and go forward without burden.

These stories sometimes becomes apparent as you have an "Aha" moment, realizing it is not your story that has played out in your life, but that of an ancestor. It is as real as if it had happened to you.

It is a story that you may have carried, unaware of the meaning or the damage it is causing you. With Clearing you are able to look at "it" through new eyes of understanding.

Many people look to past lives for the answer, I have found the answer it to be an ancestor.


Type: past life
Psychic's Location: U.S.A.

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