Eccentric yet dynamic. Terry started doing readings during the 1980s and has been a professional psychic ever since.


    Sometimes he can access so much detailed information in all the different areas of your life, that it can leave the client a little spooked. Please note that Terry loves to think about the different people in your life by their individual zodiac signs, so when he asks for anyone's sign please simply let him know the sign, because that's the framework or underlying basis that his clairvoyance likes to work from. He seems to create an image of the network of star signs within your life inside his own consciousness first, and from that map the clairvoyant impressions start to pour out. See customer reviews


    24 HOURS 1800 024 024

    $69 by card for a 20 min. reading


    I had a reading with Terry on Sunday, 24th Nov. I have to say that I am amazed at his accuracy. He was so correct in so many things. The first thing he said to me was to ask if I had received a love letter. I said no, but I had just written one. He knew what type of work the man I was asking about was in. He also knew he was a contractor. He also said my dad would have an operation on his colon area. My dad has a twisted bowel problem. He also said that I had been sick for a year and was just about better. Well I had been suffering from depression and am nearly out of the dark. He mentioned the name Pete. I know a Pete. He gave me a great reading about the future. There are other things that he was correct about, but I cant go on all day. I kept saying, 'Bloody oath, you're good.' Pass this on to Terry and I will let you know about my future predictions when they come true. I am confident that they will. He was just so bloody fantastic. Without a doubt the best psychic reading I have ever had. And let me tell you I have had a few. Regards and thanks, Terry. He is so professional and accurate. Actually, I am still shocked by his accuracy.

    I had a reading with Terry. I think he was fantastic. What can you tell me about him? Where is he from? He was so accurate that I still can't believe it. He even gave names of people which is so eerie. How long has he been doing these readings? How often is he on?

    I recently had reading with Terry. First thing he said was, 'Name - Sh, Shi, Shorna?' My last name (Japanese) starts with 'Shi' and sounds similar to what he was trying to pronounce. He even got the initial of the man's name I was going to ask him about. A few things he said already came true. Even the things I could not remember then made sense later. He said, 'A Cancer man is waiting for your phone call and something about Cairns.' We did not go into it any further because I forgot the old boyfriend that I speak to on the phone from time to time is Cancerian, but he told me yesterday that he would go to Cairns soon. Terry amazed me while he was reading, but now things started to come true, I am more amazed. Thank you Terry, and I will be watching out for more signs of your predictions.
    S. S.

    Approximately five weeks ago I had a reading with Terry. Being a reader myself I am not that easy to impress, however, Terry astounded me. No chat, just straight information. For example, one of our cats had gone missing for five weeks. We figured this very shy animal had died. Terry then states, 'You have a timid, multi-coloured cat, name starts with an A, who you are grieving. SHE is alive and will return very soon with injuries that are nearly healed.' Two days later, Amber was home, injuries and all! Next came the information, still at full-on flow, “You have another cat with a skin problem. Off to the vet says Terry. We did have a small kitten with a skin rash and yes he was booked into the vet already for the following day. Terry described our MUD BRICK home and stated we would be obtaining another lease within a week. Yes we were notified within that week, although the lease is not up ‘til August. Terry never stops and even I couldn't get a word in (and that is saying something) ‘til he was ready to say “any questions?� There was lots more, as I ended up having a triple reading because he knew more about my husband than I did! He is really awesome. He knows things that there is no way he can know, except by his exceptional talent. Please give him a go, if you haven't already, or you will never know what you have missed out on, as there is no small 'walk the fence' stuff with Terry. For the record, although we both work for this club, I have never spoken to Terry before the reading, nor did he know who I was because I called myself 'Lorraine' which was my name at birth, yet he still stated I had one co-written book that is now overseas, two books in progress and a third about to start. One hundred percent correct, Terry!
    Alarnah Tobin-Gray

    Normally, (I don't get readings that often) I would probably choose a woman, but I chose well in Terry: no fuss, straight to the point(s), non-judgemental, good-natured. I enjoyed Terry's reading and it made a lot of sense. He did not make me feel as if he had to get on with the next person “waiting in the wings'. He made it clear that it was his priority that he would finish my reading. For anyone concerned about value for money, this is it. Also he did not make it up as he went along. If he wasn't certain about something, he would say so. I feel that I had an honest, direct, comprehensive reading, and that I could ask questions. I came away with a lot to think about.
    D. K.

    I had not had a reading in eight years and thought it about time. I wrote down the names of the top five clairvoyants and shuffled. Terrys name came up. I kind of knew it would. He immediately connected with me and said something about work, (we were celebrating success re: work) then he asked, "who is the man around you with the beard? He needs to shave it off." My partner had grown one. He did shave it off and Im glad. He said there would be a baby soon. I am planning for one. He mentioned trips, twins, a move, and times of good luck. He said my partner plays a violin or cello. My partner composes music. He has his own studio, so does arrange scores. He said he has a good voice, but does not think so, which is true. He saw a wedding for us which is on the cards. He mentioned my partners parents are stuffy. He is so spot-on, it will freak you out. I could keep going on and on. I will definitely be calling him back. I felt euphoric after I hung up the phone. Terry, you are an inspirational soul. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! P.S. I want to give you a gift. How do I send it?
    Michelle C.

    I have had readings with several of the readers here but I always find myself going back to Terry. Wow Terry, its approximately 24 hours since I spoke with you and I am always very pleased with my reading. Last night you talked of storms and a roof coming off. No, I thought our roof is new and quite secure and I didn't think about any of the buildings on the adjoining property, which we are in the process of buying. I have, not ten minutes ago come back from checking around the barn, as I just put a heifer in the yard near there for a vets visit tomorrow. I was very surprised to see that indeed a large piece of roofing iron has been blown off as well as the timber ladder. This had all fallen on the electric fence and I had wondered why it was laying down this end. There was something I had given up on, and you said, “Don't give up. So ok. I have a little bit of hope again. Also thinking about the opposite property, just beyond it there are several houses being built which you mentioned as on the property, but as the land was once all one, I am sure this is what you could see. See how quickly things fall into place when you think about it? Thanks, Terry. I look forward to another reading in the future. I am feeling much better in myself today and was very pleased to be able to speak with you. Fond thoughts.

    I was very thrilled with the reading that Terry gave me. He told me some very happy information about my brother and his mental disorder. He also gave me some information about my husband and our journey in this life together (and he is lazy spiritually !) and its purpose. This explained our recent seperation and coming back together again which had been puzzling me. He gave me some lovely information about myself which I appreciated. He told me I have been here many times before (must be a slow learner ) ...have learned all my lessons but come back because I love my relies....The funny thing here is that I have said those exact words on several occasions to my relies... Terry picked up on our renovations. And I was very interested to know that I want to take my husband to another planet on another plane in the future, sounded georgous !! I was going to get a reading from Shani but couldn't get her number but I'm glad now that I got Terry because the information I got was exactly what I wanted. I couldn't be more pleased. Wished I could have afforded 40 minutes as I felt Terry had a lot more to tell me. I hope to get back to Terry another time.
    no name provided

    I had a reading with Terry about 2 years ago. He told me I would 'fall' for a man I worked with. At the time I thought 'somebody new must be starting!' as I had no idea about who it could be! He said this man was renovating his house and loved expensive toys and that I'd never have to pay rent again. Anyway, much to my surprise a few weeks later a man I worked with, who I caught up for drinks with around once a week as a friend, suggested we go out for dinner. I thought this was strange as I knew he was in a long term relationship. I turned out that he had broken up with his partner and he seemed to be persuing my company! Within the next few weeks we were together and have had a happy relationship for over 18 months now. And yes, he was doing some major renovating to his apartment and as for expensive toys this guy certainly has a few. I'm still paying rent but things need time to play out. Thanks Terry, your reading was very accurate indeed and I'll be in touch soon for an update.

    I had a reading with Terry on Sunday 11/12/05. I had been trying to get a reading with him for some time and was excited when I heard he was on. It took me some time to get through to him, but I'm glad I did. He started by getting straight into the reading, and once he'd started he kept coming out with so much information it was hard to get a word in. Not that I needed to, as everything he said was relevant and accurate to my situation. The things he spoke about in the present were spot on, and what he said about future events is yet to be seen, but I am confident they will unfold as predicted. I found Terry very friendly, down to earth, and the way the information just flowed from him was phenominal. I would highly recommend him for a reading to anyone and am sure I will speak to him in the future. Thanks again Terry, you do so much for so many.

    I just had a reading with Terry and I have to say he is amazing, he picked up on so many things which i didnt say .I have seen many psycics and he is in his own class .A really nice man straight talking yet so fun in his ways.I will call him again and reccomend him 100%.Thanks Terry for sharing your gift...

    I've recently had a few readings with Terry, yes I have become addicted. He's given me a lot of insight into my life and situations around me. In particular, he predicted I'd meet someone.His timing,personality,even the car they drove was exactly spot on, I could hardly believe it myself. I have the greatest confidence in Terry's ability/gift and would recommend him to anyone. I look forward to future events unfolding as he's predicted, and to talking to him again soon. Thanks again Terry, and keep on doing what you do.

    I have had a few readings with Terry recently as I have been going through an emotionally charged and very confusing time. He helped me feel relaxed about my life events and to know that all is in hand. Things will improve for me shortly and in the past few days since my last reading on Saturday, 11 March, I have been feeling much more optimistic about the future. I look forward to the unfolding of events and the man of my dreams to finally show up so I can move to the next phase of my life. Thanks Terry! I will definitely call him again for progress reports!

    I was very thrilled with the reading that Terry gave me. He told me some very happy information about my brother and his mental disorder. He also gave me some information about my husband and our journey in this life together (and he is lazy spiritually !) and its purpose. This explained our recent seperation and coming back together again which had been puzzling me. He gave me some lovely information about myself which I appreciated. He told me I have been here many times before (must be a slow learner ) ...have learned all my lessons but come back because I love my relies....The funny thing here is that I have said those exact words on several occasions to my relies... Terry picked up on our renovations. And I was very interested to know that I want to take my husband to another planet on another plane in the future, sounded georgous !! I was going to get a reading from Shani but couldn't get her number but I'm glad now that I got Terry because the information I got was exactly what I wanted. I couldn't be more pleased. Wished I could have afforded 40 minutes as I felt Terry had a lot more to tell me. I hope to get back to Terry another time.

    Very good always. Specific. Quite gifted.

    Terry, You were absolutely superb! You are truelly gifted. I was stuggling to find some answers and needed some honest, true advice. You were so accurate and your reading really helped me move on and make the correct decisions. I recommend Terry to anyone who wants to know the truth. He has a kind and gentle voice and guides you as well as telling you the facts. Thank-you and God Bless :)


    Always AMAZING, truly!

    To Terri Unmada Hi Terry I want to give you a big hug of thanks for giving me clarity and being truthful and sincere with your reading. I came to see you 2 years ago and so much came true. You warned me about things, told me about my past (including names) and helped me see there was hope in my future. I never got the chance to to say these words for your kindness...Thank you.

    Truly there is no other like Terry. I would tell you the things he has predicted that have come to fruition but there are just too many list. The best by far. No one can surpass Terry for detail and accuracy. Try him, write everything down and just wait and see. You will be crossing things off in no time! AAA+

    Absolutely amazing! Picked up my Husband and myself to an absolute T!! He knew what was going on in my life completely and where I need to go. I would recommend Terry to everyone!! Thank you Terry, you answered alot of unanswered questions.

    On Sunday night I had a reading with Terry - mainly centering around my relationship. During the course of the reading he asked who Stacey was. I don't know, nor have I evern know, a Stacey. He said that he thought I'd be buying something big from her but as I didn't know that name we moved on. On Monday I had to register with a new stationery provider at work. Yep, the lady I had to open the account with is named Stacey. Knocked my sox off!!! Terry is fantastic and I love his readings.

    Terry, You were absolutely superb! You are truelly gifted. I was stuggling to find some answers and needed some honest, true advice. You were so accurate and your reading really helped me move on and make the correct decisions. I recommend Terry to anyone who wants to know the truth. He has a kind and gentle voice and guides you as well as telling you the facts. Thank-you and God Bless :)

    O M G.............. Being an amateur moon astrologist and numerologist myself Terry's reading couldn't have been more perfect. He was charming & witty and helped me immensely, to fill in a few gaps I'd been unable to fill ......... A true lightworker, helps to open unseen doors. Very positive and upbeat, while remaining down to earth. I now know without a doubt how to handle upcoming transits and even how to help those around me for our highest good and am sooo looking forward to the future. Worth every single cent spent, do not hesitate with Terry. Good Luck for the future sir.......... (not that you need it lol:-)

    Terry was really spot on with everything he said. I didn't need to ask him many questions because he kept throwing the questions and answers at me instead! He was really great to talk to. Thanks Terry!

    Hi I had a reading with Terry in March 2009 so far everything he predicted came true such as, new job, meeting someone in thailand now I am just waiting for the man in my life to committ as Terry said he would, late July early August. Thankyou Terry and god bless.

    Terry is amazing. Tonight I had my fourth reading with him and I can tell you that each one of them over the years were full of accurate details and dates for when things will occur. Information just flows quickly and he doesn't even know my date of birth! He is truly one of the best psychics around and I'm so glad that we have such talent in this country. Thank you for your gift. I will keep coming back!

    I met Terry when I was 16 or 17 I think @ 'Tops' Myer centre. It must have been 1987 ? That was my first reading by Terry. Not long after this, I found myself hanging out at his shop 'Mystic Rose' at Enogerra. I have had numerous readings from Terry over the years. He is amazing. He has pure psychic abilities. He has always been able to just pull names from thin air that are always spot on. He is very eccentric, but what else would you expect from an Aquarian. I have lost contact with Terry over the past few years. I hope he is keeping well. I would dearly love another reading sometime soon.

    I have had a plethora of readings with Terry over quite a few years, he is truly amazing. Accurate, quick to the point and flamboyant are a few words that come to mind when I try to describe the readings. I have seen dozens of clairvoyants and I can definitively say Terry is the most outstanding of them all.
    I highly recommend Terry to all individuals seeking clarity and understanding in their lives, for without Terry’s guidance I would have not had the insight into many of life’s twists and turns. Thankyou Terry for embracing your gift and sharing it with others.

    Terry helped me the other night by picking up on a long term fear that I had told no one. I wanted a general reading and Terry picked up on something that is very powerful to me that no one knew about and reassured me that it was not the case.He totally put my mind at rest and took away this long held fear. I was so grateful to him for this and I wanted to add that no other clairvoyant had picked up on this in the past. He is awesome and predicted some wonderful things for the future for me as well. God bless you Terry!

    I had a reading with terry 6 or so years ago, although I don't remember much of it, I actually do remember him saying my daughter (who was just 15 at the time) would marry age 21 and would be studying at Uni. Well my daughter who at the time of the Terry's reading was without a boyfriend and uninterested in study, is now studying accounting and got married last weekend age 21.

    I can't recommend Terry enough. He's witty, accurate & empowering. A lot of what he said was very true & things he predicted about my future has also started to occur in my life. I call him when I need guidance on situations where I need to make a big decision & I come away feeling more confident & reassured. It's like having a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Terry is an amazing person & I feel truly blessed to have readings with him.

    Terry was so accurate and picked up on things and people that are in my life, that perhaps I never disclose to anyone. He was correct in the next moves I had planned in my life, which I was unsure of, and so his insight gave me a peace of mind. I would definitely call back, so that I can speak more about other things, as 20mins seemed so short to cover everything i wanted to know.

    WOW WOW WOW, Terry is truly a gifted man what more can i say. Earlier this year Terry had told me i would find my true soul mate by my birthday which happens to be today 21/7 He had said that she was somehow connected to my trip abroad and works in travel management wow spot on Also mentioned about a job offer back in June he also said don't take it another offer will come in Sept/Oct is a better offer' another trip abroad later this year . Also great things to look forward next. Thanks again

    Hey Terry, thanks for the reading. I really liked how info just flowed. and u nailed the connection. haha I thought I was mad, but it was simple, u used the 'L' word that I didn't dare use but I love how dynamic and fun your energy is and look forward to god things unfolding soon. Although we didn't get to the end of how it will evolve it all sounds like things are headed in the right direction. thank u so much

    I have had several readings with Terry. Every reading he has given me, resulted in giving me encouragement for the positive things that might occur in my life, and explained the things i did not understand....and each time these things have happened to verify his clairvoyance. He explained and validated my own intuitions and questions and confusions. I am extremely grateful. words cannot express the gratitude and the faith i have in his reading, i recommend Terry. seriously!!!!


    Terry has read for me several times over the last few years and each time he has instantly tuned into my situation without having to be prompted. He is a warm, welcoming and sincere reader who knows how to offer guidance and reassurance. I have no doubt in his genuine ability as he has picked up accurately on current and past events. His psychic antenna and kindness combined with his quirkiness makes him a truly unique reader. Terry, thank you kindly for your support!

    He is the best reader, and a genuine psychic. Does not need any prompting. Whenerver i asked him to focus on a specific issue, he foretold the events with most accurate details that exactly panned out to my awe. I have tried a few of the readers on this site and I am now just Terry's client. God bless him.

    I just had a reading with Terry, we were disconnected before I could say thanks. He seems to be a very warm, kind and caring man. His voice offers comfort and reassurance. I will be back to update when things panned out. Nevertheless, I think I'll be his client from now on.

    I have just had a reading with Terry, Friday 4th August 2017, and I had a huge amount of many questions to ask that I didn't know where to start, so I just let Terry do his thing and he had so much information about my future that I extended for another 20 minutes. Terry answered all of my questions in this double reading and I am still flabbergasted at Terry's insights about me and the future that awaits me. Terry is a no fuss reader, pretty much straight to the point with a good sense of humour but more importantly such a positive reader that helped to put me at ease and to settle my anxiety a lot. Terry's insights are amazing but today's reading has really reassured me. I will definitely call Terry again for another reading and recommend Terry to anyone who seriously needs answers or is seriously stressed out by life. Thankyou Terry, you are an amazing person and an Angel.


    I had a reading with Terry earlier this month. He tapped into what was happening. He knew things he couldnt possibly know. His reading seemed almost too good to be true. He said dont give up. Will see what unfolds next month

    JM from NSW

    Terry's insight and heart-based wisdom make him the best reader I've consulted. His advice and counsel have helped me navigate life's decisions
    with clarity. I'm so grateful for his support over several years and highly recommend his services. Thank you, Terry!
    KJ from NSW

    I just had a reading with Terry... I couldn't believe the information he was giving me without being prompted. I have yet to see if any of it comes true but one thing is for sure, he doesn't ask for much before he starts and then you can't get a word in! Right now I hope what he says does come true, and I also know that what he said resonated with me so much that I just felt calm after speaking with him. I could have extended for the 3rd time but that means too much 'overtime' for me... Thanks Terry!!

    Thank you Terry! I had to go after 3 sessions but thank you for clearing many things up, even if they don't make sense to me now ... PS. don't confuse Pisces and Sagittarius haha... Blessings :)

    Thanks so much Terry my first time reading with you an I'm just amazed at the continuous flow of information about my personal situation I found you uplifting an encouraging after many mislead readings I found you very comforting too my situation I have too wait till October too see if predictions are right but I have much faith in you you are like no other I will be back again as I really enjoyed the experience can't wait too see if your right July 2018 thanks for being so genuine an caring an reassuring its just what I needed bless you your a true gentleman....
    Amanda from NSW

    Hey Terry, I accidentally hit the wrong button and hung up on you. Very sorry about that. I will definitely be calling back in the future. I phoned you in January 2018 and I remember you predicted I would meet the love of my life around an anniversary. I'm pretty sure that's just happened within this month, it was my birthday this month, October 2018, very gobsmacked at your accuracy and dates. Talk soon x
    LIBRA from VIC



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